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012w1d1 - CLJ/SOC 012 Introduction to Criminology Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: CLJ/SOC 012 Introduction to Criminology Professor Derek Kreager Admin My Office 905 Oswald Office Hours and Appointments E-mail Turning in Papers Oswald 211 TA Zach Hays Course Overview What is criminology? How do criminologists define and study crime? What are the facts of crime? What theories explain crime and punishment? How is criminology related to politics, the media, and criminal justice? Goal: Expose students to fundamentals of criminology and prepare them for advanced courses. Course Basics Required Texts Hunter and Dantzker (2005) Anderson (1999) Readings and Lectures Two Exams Non-Cumulative Objective 100 points each No Make-ups Course Basics (continued) 6 Quizzes (drop lowest) 5 points each Help prepare for exam No make-ups Written Assignments Community Paper The Code of the Streets Grades Day-to-Day Predominantly Lecture Overheads posted to Angel after class Film clips and news media Encourage Participation Ask questions Bring in current events Attendance and Promptness Courtesy The Course Schedule Part I Foundations of Criminology Part II Criminological Theory Part III Dealing with Crime Getting to Know You Classmates as Resources Know your neighbors Name Year Hometown Future Aspirations Current Job What you did this summer? About your Instructor http://www.personal.psu.edu/dak27/ ...
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