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Juan Rodriguez ID-21850600 12/9/07 Extra Credit Talk “Violent Democracy: Ruffians in Modern Japanese Politics” This past Thursday, December 6 th we had the pleasure of having Eiko Maruko Siniawer come talk to us In Herter Hall. Siniawer is from the Williams College history department. She gave a very interesting and intriguing lecture about Japanese gangsters also knows as the soshi. She explained to us how politicians in Japan during 1890s right thru to the 1920s had to deal with these ruffians. The soshi were college aged students, often merchants or merchant’s sons, which would try and change things in politics thru brute force. Political Parties would hire the “soshi” to hurt members of the
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Unformatted text preview: opposition. Their pay was determined by who they injured and what part of the body they would hurt. She went on to explain how these violent acts, though illegal and wrong, were given a blind eye to by the law. These violent ways lasted right thru to the early 20 th century but they did eventually die out. She also went into talking a little about the Japanese mafia which was very interesting. I found it interesting how she said that the police know exactly where the mafia is but don’t do anything about it. I really enjoyed the lecture by Siniawer....
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