mid2studyguide - MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE: Here are some notes...

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MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE: Here are some notes and study suggestions for Friday’s exam—I will also post this on the web as the “Midterm 2 Study Guide” in the Exam section: (1) I was asked if you could bring your cheat sheets from midterm 1 in addition to the 2 new sheets for midterm 2 (for a total of 4 sheets or 8 sides of paper) so you wouldn ’t have to rewrite notes about simple linear regression. The answer is YES (2) I will provide t and normal tables at the end of the exam, and extra copies of the Rosner Z table will be available at the front of the room if you need them , along with scratch paper . You should not need to bring anything besides a writing instrument, a calculator, your cheat sheets, and of course a well-rested brain! (3) This exam covers the material since midterm 1. This translates to HW assignments 4-6 and covers simple and multiple linear regression. For simple regression the initial calculations are not so important but the first exam did not include CIs, hypothesis tests, CIs and PIs for Y, checking error assumptions, and so on, all of which are fair game. The exam is not cumulative but lots of the topics we have been studying build on what came before so fundamental ideas from earlier on may reoccur. I will not test on CIs and tests for proportions, contingency tables, and the like. A detailed list of topics is below. (4) There are practice problems posted on the web site. These are useful but I don’t guarantee they cover every possible topic or have the perfect balance. In particular there are not many problems on interactions. If people request it I will come up with another
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mid2studyguide - MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE: Here are some notes...

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