finalstudyguide - FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE(1 The final will...

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(1) The final will NOT take place in our usual classroom. Rather it will be in CHS 43- 105. This is the same room as ours except on the 4 th floor. We also have CHS 41-268 available as an overflow room but I do not think we will need it so everybody should come to 43-105. (2) The final is next Tuesday, March 20th, from 3:00-6:00 pm. I will write the exam to be the same length as the midterms but you will have 3 hours to complete it so there should not be any time pressure. (3) You may bring your cheat sheets from midterms 1 and 2 plus two additional sheets. This is a total of 6 sheets (front and back = 12 sides) of standard paper. You may include anything you want on those sheets. You should also bring a writing instrument, a calculator, and your UCLA ID. I will provide everything else you need. (4) I will be doing a review session for the final in this week's discussion session Friday from 12-2. I will also try to have some additional office hours. Tomorrow I have some time prior to 10:30 and a bit of time after class before our department seminar. Thursday is looking like a mess. However Friday I should be in my office up until around 11:00 when I have a meeting. After the discussion I have a meeting from 2-3 but Joy will have a lab then to continue HW help/review and I will be available from roughly 3-4 afterwards. On most of Monday next week and Tuesday prior to the exam I should also be available. Robin has offered to have extra office hours Monday from 11-1 in the computer lab and Vivian will not have her usual Monday office hours but I will be available during that slot. Hopefully this will provide everyone with plenty of review help :-) I will also check my e-mail frequently over the weekend. (5) Remember that you have until Friday at 5:00 to turn in HW7 (though the earlier I get it the better your chance of getting it back Monday!). The logistic regression problem is actually pretty fast to do so hopefully it won't be too hard to finish even with the Epi final looming. I will post the solutions at 5:00 for people to study off of so I won't be able to take late assignments. I can't guarantee we'll manage to get the HW7's back to you on Monday so it would be a good idea to copy yours if you want to be able to refer to it before you turn it in. (6) I will post some practice problems over the next few days on ANOVA and logistic regression. For the other material I recommend looking at the problems posted for midterms 1 and 2 and of course the HW assignments. Many of the warm-up problems make excellent study questions. (7) Tomorrow I will post for you a handout with completely worked logistic regression problems and also an ANOVA printout with all the pieces labeled and explained just as we had for simple and multiple regression. (8) Let me know if there is anything else it would be helpful to have while you are
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finalstudyguide - FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE(1 The final will...

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