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History 51 Study Guide Prince Henry the Navigator : (1394-1460), prince of Portugal , Henry also made improvements in the art of shipbuilding. The caravel, a sailing ship, was designed at Sagres. Also established trading position in Africa such as Ghana. Lanteen sails : They were part of the new technology the Portuguese learned from the Muslims. It allowed sailors to sail closer to the wind Caravel : Trade Winds : were the winds that sailors used to travel up and down the Atlantic from Europe down towards Africa. The moved in a circular motion. Volta do m ar: Portuguese called it the, “return through the sea,” the sailed northwest until the they caught the westerly winds and then turned east for the last leg of the homeward journey. It was an easy method of reaching the Canary Islands from Portugal. It also leads to the understanding of the trade winds. Vasco De Gama: Sailed from Lisbon with 4 armed merchant ships, and didn’t see land for 3 months. Once in India his cargo exited little interest. In his return voyage he lost most of his crew but made big profit on his cinnamon and pepper. Columbus: in 1492 sailed the ocean blue, thinking that he would find a quicker route to china and India for trade. But wound up finding the Americas. Soon other countries would come following. Magellan: Thought he would find an easier way to get across to Asia by sailing around South America. He founded the straights of Magellan on the tip of S.america, he never finished his voyage as he died in the Philippines. His crew did finish the trip without him. Alfonso D’Alboquerque: Sailed in a destroyed the native Hindu ships and claimed the trade routes around India and the straights of Malacca. With this, he wanted to put a knife to the throat of Mecca. Manila:
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History51StudyGuide - History 51 Study Guide Prince Henry...

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