Assignment 1

Operating Systems Principles

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CPSC435 (W2008) Operating Systems Answer key for Assignment 1 1. Solve Problem 1 (p. 66) in the textbook. S F F p1 p2 p3 p4 p6 p5 p7 S F p1 p2 p3 p4 p5
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2. Solve problem 2 (pp. 66-67) in the textbook. Note there are two parts in the problem. cobegin cobegin W = X1 * X2; Y = W * Y; // // V = X3 * X4; Z = W * Z; cobegin coend; Y = V * X5; A = Y + Z; // Z = V * X6; coend; coend; 3. Solve Problem 3(a) (p. 67) in the textbook. cobegin cobegin p3 // p1; cobegin p5 // p6 coend coend p2
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Unformatted text preview: // p4 coend 4. Transform the expression shown in the first part of Problem 2 (p. 66) in the text book ( i.e. W, V, Y, and Z) using fork , join , and quit primitives. t1 = 2; t2 = 2; fork L1; fork L2; L1: W = X1 * X2; join t1,L3; quit; L2: V = X3 * X4; join t1,L3; quit; L3: fork L4; fork L5; L4: Y = V * X5; join t2,L6; quit; L5: Z = V * X6; join t2,L6; quit; L6: quit;...
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Assignment 1 - p4 coend 4 Transform the expression shown in...

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