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Hist105 Oct3 - French Revolution Haitian Revolution...

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Sheet1 Page 1 French Revolution Haitian Revolution Touissiant L'Overture Whiskey Rebellion Jay Treaty XYZ Affair ________________________ French revolution early phases 1789-1799. Napoleon comes to power. Storming of the Bastille. Americans looking on viewed it was a flower of popular democracy. others thought it was an example of revolution gone bad. (liberty --> tyranny) during this time, the terms left and right came into being (politically). those who supported king sat on right, and those against sat on left. terms conservative and liberal don't correlate with today. Liberal meant those who favored new laisse faire capitalism. one of the first poignant events for americans as result of F.R. was the revolution on the island of haiti. it began as rev. mimicking french rev. and became full fledged slave uprising. lasted over 10 years from 1791 to 1804. haiti became second independent nation in western hemi. (after US). fully black rep. Pop. well over 95% black. during the rev., even napoleon tried to subdue rev. but couldnt. (disease + haitians). various times during revolution, british and spanish even collaborated to try to quench it. ^french matter. why did spanih/british get involved? they were just as suspectible to slave rebellion. leader of the rev. was Touissiant L'Overture, military leader of black haitians. had a luitenant who left haiti and went to spanish florida (st. augustine) where he lived for 10 years. some of his fighters came with him. they assumed command of black militias for spanish in florida. white slave holders were a tad bit alarmed. (punctuated by H.R.) war of 1812 that came up, U.S. invaded florida, defeated by spain's black militia. aka reason to be concerned.
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Hist105 Oct3 - French Revolution Haitian Revolution...

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