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Hist105 Sept24 - American Revolution Saratoga Treaty of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 American Revolution Saratoga Treaty of Paris How revolutionary was the revolution? - people spoke english, had similar laws, relatives etc. ..based on england a lot. american revolution was pretty strong, resulted in several measureable events, including 1) representative gov. 2) voters needed less property than before to vote 3) secret ballots 4) non elites could become involved politically 5) churches were disestablished last disestablishd was congregation church in mass in 1833, until then was supported by taxes 6) ideology of all men were created equal, translated to changes in slavery 7) end to primogeniture 8) end to entail (process by which oldest son inherits all of property, not just most) (this kept the aristocracy in place from generation to generation. jefferson - end primogeniture and entail jefferson wrote to madison that we should eliminate all inheritances inheritances then passed by will henceforth 9) indians were weakened, proclamation line was eliminated 10) more freedom for women as a group 11) 1776 New Jersey legislature allowed all citizens to vote, even women (later changed to all free white males citizens) 12) divorces became easier to obtain (help for women trapped in adverse conditions) 13) churches identified with england declined (in membership), as well as quakers (pacifists) (theory that in US, because people were not coerced to go to church, different religions boomed [volition?]) Deference - defer to betters/elders. spirit of revolution was to reduce feeling of deference (to britain) Virtue Articles of Confederation, 1781 Northwest Ordinance, 1787 Shay's Rebellion, 1787 All Americans had to do was avoid defeat, diddnt actually have to win British placed hopes that american loyalists (tories) would rally to thier cause
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Hist105 Sept24 - American Revolution Saratoga Treaty of...

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