History 105 Notes 9-5

History 105 Notes 9-5 - History 105 2 part answer to why...

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History 105 2 part answer to why people came to America even though conditions were so bad – 1 st was that England must have been so bad that conditions in Virginia were appealing, and 2 nd was that they didn’t know so much about the conditions in Virginia, they responded to flyers, word of mouth, etc… which were all propaganda to convince people to go across the Atlantic When indentured servants made it through the 7 years, they gained 50 acres of land under the head right system Over time those that became free had to take interior lands instead of coastal/river land ***Fall line is the limit of navigation from the coast inland Any land on the eastern side of the fall line was more valuable than that on the western side Head right system of land distribution in Virginia was 100 acres of land for each head of household, and another 100 acres if they had a wife, and 50 additional acres for each child that the head of household had. They would receive 100 more acres for every indentured they brought over. Land was located mostly along rivers Barriers to obtaining land included Indians (for the English), legal access to the land, physical geography, and amount of labor Small attempt to convert Indians to Christianity in Virginia Powhatan revolt in 1622 killed 1/3 of English population (350 colonists) Tobacco came on quickly as profitable product As prices rose, it encouraged more people to come, more indentures to sail across 1660’s price of tobacco dropped, many owners could not afford to keep or bring in more
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History 105 Notes 9-5 - History 105 2 part answer to why...

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