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History 105 Notes 9-3

History 105 Notes 9-3 - Spanish French Dutch English...

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Spanish, French, Dutch English Colonial Period Jamestown/Chesapeake Headright System Fall line Primogeniture – First son inherited all of fathers land, money Indentured Labor Addictive Luxuries Massachusetts Puritan Dilemma Middle Ground Spanish and French tended to assimilate if they could with the local population Missionary practices antagonized Indians more so than it converted Traders and Trappers (Fr.) would assimilate, become friends with, and occasionally intermarry with natives Spanish expeditions into N. American mainland (Coronado, Grand Canyon 1540’s) (Soto, Tampa Bay 1540’s), spurred by the famous trek of Cabeza de Vaca (1520’s) but nothing really came of them, no significant wealth to be easily derived so extension would prove futile The revolt of Indians in 1680 (Pueblo Revolt) killed at least 400 Spaniards, possibly 1800 total. Caused them to retreat to El Paso area Indians showed French trappers and traders a way through the St. Lawrence river, through the Great Lakes, and into the Green Bay area, from there they went west through another small river and hit the Mississippi and went South to the Gulf of Mexico. That was the extent of French control
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Le Salle in 1682 went down the Mississippi and went back to France only to be sent back to find the mouth of the Mississippi again. He failed and ended up in East Texas, was then murdered La Belle sank in Matagorda Bay, Aggie Archaeology unearthed it a few years back, and it is now at the Riverside Campus soaking in salt water
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