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Hist105 Sept17 - Distinguishing characteristic of british...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Distinguishing characteristic of british colonies was that in new negland there was purtian chruch and in the south there was the anglican church. middle colones were more tolerant religiously of religion. (and bigger variety) The British never expelled the Dutch. NY diddnt want to alter anything b/c it was a big economic success. NY had a big mixture of culture/nationalities Pennsylvania. force makes hypocrits. persecution only makes converts one of the concepts /w the great awakening/enlighenment is a logical conundrum called deduction vs. induction these are two ways of reasoning and thinking that often come into conflict for those who are scientifically minded. have to do with concepts of individual liberty deduction- do you assume a sort of great truth about reality, and deduce from that truth what you need to know (i.e. about humans) (faith) induction- can we simply look around us and observe and "induce" from that a truth and reality. (reason/science) elements that distinguish american colonists from britain. important to study. slavery began as a labor issue. major concern in law differenes between american and england. economically, concept called price revolution. explains what happened to all the spansh wealth taken out of the new world when spanish was there for so long with no rivals. why diddnt they become the most powerful nation?
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Hist105 Sept17 - Distinguishing characteristic of british...

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