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Susanna McKibben HON 205 Professor Wilber October 11 th , 2007 Scars Project Essay – This piece is titled “Skin-knee.” It was taken with a digital camera (SPECIFIY BRAND) and printed on Fuji photo paper. I chose to emulate the artist Barbara Kruger by using her technique of inserting text written in black, Futura font on a red, rectangular background onto the photograph. The medium of this work is a digitally rendered photograph with text digitally added, edited on Adobe Photoshop. The subject of the photograph is the keloid scar I have on the top of my right knee and, by extension, my entire body. The motivation behind this photograph is my decade-long relationship with this scar. The main idea of the work is that beauty is so narrowly defined in the culture that I have grown up with
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Unformatted text preview: that even a reddish, raised mark on my knee could cause years of self-consciousness. Our cultures preoccupation with normality and the idea that what we see in advertisements and in the media is normal, inspired the text that I incorporated into the piece. The contrast of the size of my leg on the right with my foot and calf on the left reinforces the idea about abnormality. It appears that the leg on the right is actually on the floor, on the same level with the foot, which makes both limbs seem out of proportion and strange, or not normal. The text unapologetically interrupts the photo, inserting itself on top of the subject and powerfully staring...
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