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Katherine Cathcart WRITING 140: Section 90325 Barry Levine 12/02/05 Dangerous Denial Assignment 5: Prompt 5 Before the 1940’s the Jewish population in Europe was subjected to intense anti- Semitism that resulted in isolation, Ghettoization and eventually deportation of several million individuals. Innumerable numbers of Jews in the following war years were not only tortured, brutalized, starved and worked but they as a people were specifically targeted for elimination by the Nazi regime. According to historical documentation approximately 6 million Jewish people were murdered during this genocide (Gillerman JS211). The horrors suffered became known worldwide, spread by liberators, photographs, and testimonies. Nations even created the term “genocide” as a result of the victimization in Germany and established laws to prevent such occurrences from happening again. Furthermore, schools have taught the Holocaust as the persecution and mass murder of the Jews since its happening in WWII and continue to spread knowledge of it in order for others to understand history and prevent future dehumanization of any groups of peoples. Regardless of this knowledge a movement of people has unfortunately developed who deny that the Holocaust ever took place. These groups of individuals not only question the possibility that the Holocaust could have happened but they speak out against all of the first person accounts given by survivors, victims and participants. Detached from experiencing the Holocaust personally, deniers have been known to contest that the Holocaust (Shoah) was a “myth” established by the Jewish people to win international sympathy and establish the state of Israel. Deniers further claim that Jews have been the victimizers and not the victims of the holocaust (Lipstadt 2). Denial of the Cathcart, Katherine 1
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Holocaust not only attempts to rewrite history, but it most significantly promotes continual anti-Semitism that dismisses the suffering of the Jewish people and endangers their livelihood. Professor Deborah Lipstadt of the Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies has investigated the work of deniers and has assessed the parallel between Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. She is most famously known for her win in a libel case where she was the defendant against Holocaust denier David Irving. At the end of the trial Mr. Irving was found guilty of being a “denier, a falsifier of history, a racist, an anti-Semite, and a liar” (“Faculty” 1). Noticeably, in a court of law he was not only found to be a denier of the Holocaust but coincidently an anti-Semite. According to Lipstadt most deniers attack Jews with recitation of Nazi propaganda “almost verbatim” and accuse Jewish victims and all Jews in society of being economically motivated toward controlling nations (Lipstadt 1-2). Not only does reciting Nazi propaganda bring back haunting memories to survivors, but such accusations spawn hatred and are used to justify group actions taken against Jews. The Nazi’s promoted the idea that Jews were
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Holocaust_Denial_Cathcart - Cathcart, Katherine 1 Katherine...

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