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Outline for Global Warming Speech October 31 st , 2006 Britta Whiteford Speech #1 Introduction o What causes global warming o How it works Greenhouse gasses diagram Qori Kalis Glacier Recession o Why it’s important to this audience I. Introduction into Singer’s Speech a. Outlines Main Claim b. State Three Logical Deficiencies i. Insufficient data ii. Lack of Backing for the Warrant iii. Unaddressed Reservations II. First Logical Deficiency – Insufficient Data a. Incomplete and Measured Poorly b. Countered by the Climate Research Unit’s Global measure i. Graph analyzed to show improper/insufficient data III. Second Logical Deficiency – Lack of backing for the warrant
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Unformatted text preview: a. Goes against the general accepted principles of science (glacial recession) and does not provide adequate reasoning to link the data to the claim b. Countered by National Geographic Images i. Thermal Expansion Explanation 1. Greenland 2. Florida IV. Third Logical Deficiency Unaddressed Reservations a. Never acknowledges that there are already nations that approved Kyoto b. Provide inappropriate reasoning to his audience-who surely have opinions already formed that are never addressed Summary o Recap of Three Logical Deficiencies o A Worldwide Issue...
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