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HIST Exam 2 study guide good

HIST Exam 2 study guide good - History 157 Exam II Study...

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History 157 Exam II- Study Guide American Expansionism/ Imperialism (1890’s) 1885 and Josiah Strong – white angol-saxons should spread there institutions and values to “irerior races” – civilization of “savages” Spanish American War (1898) A.) Background MiKinley was President Once war was declared 9 after they declined to give up Cuba in the 8 demands, it only took the U.S 2 months to defeat the Spaniards With the backing of the yellow press, the war quickly escalated from a crusade to aid the suffering Cubans to an imperial venture that ended with the United Staes in possession of a small overseas empire. B) Causes of War Cuba’s desire of indepandance form Spain Battleship Maine exploded (American Ship- 270 lives lost) – Spain blamed (1898) After explosion of Battleship Maine – Mckinely issued the 8 Demands which Spain followed all except giving up Cuba . C) Aftermath and Results of the War The Teller Amendment was passed saying the United States had no Imperial intentions towards Cuba. In the end the US took control of Cuba until 1902 with the adoption of the Platt Amendment It had two terms: 1) The US could intervene with Cuban affairs for any reason at any time to preserve Cuban independence 2) The United States could maintain a military base on the Cuban Island. Open Door Policy, Roosevelt Corollary, Panama Canal The Open Door Policy - Took place after S-A War. It demanded that the European powers grant equal access of American exports in Asia. It referred to the free movement of goods and money. Even as the United States banned the immigration of the Chinese to this country, it insisted on access to the markets and investment opportunities in Asia Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine - This held that the US had the right to exercise international police power in the western hemisphere. It defended the hemisphere against European intervention. Panama Canal- The United States wanted to build a canal that would allow them to get to the Philippians faster than going all the way around South America. At this time
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Panama was under Columbian Control. The canal took eleven years to be built and when it opened it was under US control. Not until 2000 did Panama gain control of their canal Philllipine War World War I Background – Woodrow Wilson’s international policy often called “liberal internationalism”. Believed that with economic success would come power (Open Door Policy handled this) A.) Causes of war Various alliances made between European countries called for large web of reactions Bosnia in June 1914, Austria Hungary’s Archduke, France Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbain terrorist group known as the black hand . B.) Chain of Events 1. FF Shot – Austria- Hungary sees this as a direct attack on them and declares war on Serbia 2. Within a little over a month, because of the European powers’ interlocking military alliances the allies found themselves at war with the central powers.
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