President Control of the Executive Branch

President Control - bureaucracy and represent the agency to both the outside world and Congress o Experience cabinet members tend to be older and

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President Control of the Executive Branch 13 departments and 15 federal agencies make up the bureaucracy o Agencies often headed by boards and heads of agencies are not in the cabinet o Cabinet is comprised of the secretary of each department, the director of the OMB, and the US Trade Representative Over 3 million federal employees at the civilian level (2.8%) Top level jobs are partisan appointments while most are non-partisan permanent appointments Almost all of the upper level jobs must be approved by the Senate (advise and consent) White House staff o All report directly to the president o All offices in the White House o Includes chief of staff, press secretary, office of science and tech, etc. o Advise the president on politics and policies, must enhance the president’s ability to do his job o Staff started truly with Eisenhower, he believed these people were as important as the cabinet members Differences o Perspective- heads of agencies must both oversee the entire agency (mini-
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Unformatted text preview: bureaucracy) and represent the agency to both the outside world and Congress o Experience- cabinet members tend to be older and more respected, sometimes old friends, while many appointments are based off constituencies (i.e. agriculture), there are also professional cabinet members who are there not so much for their expertise in an area but their expertise in running a large office…white house staff however is much younger and success is tied up in president’s success o Cabinet members are supposed to help run the bureaucracy, but it becomes difficult as professional bureaucrats run things the same way no matter the cabinet members do or who is in the white house o Going native- the heads of the cabinet have become so influenced by their duties and perspective that they drift away from the president’s agenda...
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