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Notes on federalism

Notes on federalism - Notes on federalism Federalist papers...

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Notes on federalism Federalist papers were letters to the editor of a newspaper in New York New York was a key state because it was large and in the middle of the state Governor Clinton was a staunch opponent of the Constitution Papers meant to offer arguments for the ratification of the Constitution Designed to influence the opinions and beliefs of the elites who were the primary factors in making of the decision Authors o John Jay- prestige o James Madison- brains o Alexander Hamilton- energy o Under the name of Publius Anonymity was a strategic move because he did not want to generate opposition because of the fact that they were the authors Hamilton wished to establish the Fed papers as the most authoritative opinions on the Constitution because they gave insight on what the founders were actually thinking Federalism is a system of government whereby a nation is comprised of distinct parts – states – each retaining a certain jurisdiction
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