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Department of Political Science Fall Semester, 2007 Tufts University Professor James Glaser TAs: Mr. Shai Gruber, Mr. Tony Hill Political Science 11 Introduction to American Politics This course is an introduction to the major institutions and processes of American national politics. In the first weeks of the course, we will cover topics relating to citizen politics -- what Americans think about politics, how they behave politically, and what this means to how our government operates. Following this, we will study the major institutions comprising the Federal Government (Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, the bureaucracy). This is not a course on current events. But it will introduce the student to some fundamental ideas and concepts that are important to understanding many of the issues and controversies that appear on the front page every day. It is also a preparatory course for further studies in political science. Lectures will be given Monday and Wednesday, 10:30-11:20 and occasionally Friday at that time. Students also will be assigned to a weekly discussion section, which will meet on Friday, providing there is not a lecture that day (the times and locations of the sections will be announced in class). In section, students will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze the course readings and relate them to the material presented in lectures. Grades will be based on a midterm examination (worth 20 percent of the grade), two short papers (each worth 20 percent of the grade), and a final examination (worth 40 percent of the grade). Extra points will be awarded for section participation. Students are responsible for keeping a copy of all papers turned
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SYLLABUS - Department of Political Science Tufts University...

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