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Partisanship, Realignment, and Issue Evolution The essence of partisanship o Born into partisanship and learned at a young age o Surround yourself among others like you…agreement conversations Realignment o A large-scale, sustained shift in partisanship causing a new partisan balance, often leading to a new majority and new minority party o Critical elections- mark the beginning of large-scale shifts o Normal elections- election that sustains the present system o Deviating elections- short term force in operation leads to some discrepancy from the norm o Issues with the concept- required that every election be classified as all or
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Unformatted text preview: nothing choice Issue evolution: a reassessment, better captures the value of gradual change o Every election is a wave that hits the beach and every wave slightly alters the alignment of the sand and waves are constant o Usually one key point that begins to divide the parties (i.e. VRA or Roe v. Wade) o Differences first start at the elite level rather than the electorate o Political elites are like companies looking for a market niche, the place to start looking at change is in the elite and in the choices they give the electorate...
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