The Judicial Process

The Judicial Process - o 75 of the docket comes from the...

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The Judicial Process The assertion of judicial review o Claimed by the court, not in the Constitution o John Marshall in Marbury v. Madison ruled that the law passed giving the SC power to make Madison give over the appointment because the law was unconstitutional o Writ of mandamus is directed from the SC to a political actor in the federal government to act in a particular way o Therefore, the court’s ability to overturn a law had been established The Supreme Court as part of a larger court system
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Unformatted text preview: o 75% of the docket comes from the federal court system o 20% of the docket comes from the state court system o 5% of the docket comes from original jurisdiction • Writ of certiorari asks the court to accept the case being appealed from a lower level o 8521 petitions to the court o 87 cases heard o 82 cases decided o The rule of four- four justices must agree to grant cert otherwise the cases are rejected...
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