Political and Social Change in Great Britain and Ireland

Political and Social Change in Great Britain and Ireland -...

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Political and Social Change in Great Britain and Ireland (1815-1914) 1. Britain Before 1820 a. Agricultural reform i. Enclosure acts gradually closed off public grazing lands and pushed farmers out of business b. Political change i. Whig party led Britain during the American Revolution and the loss leads to a large loss of support, this leads to the rise of the Tories ii. Increasing agitation for parliamentary reform c. Corn law i. An attempt by the aristocracy to protect British agricultural interest ii. Halted the import of foreign grain until the price of British grain had reached a certain level iii. Riots erupt in 1816 in response to rising bread prices iv. 1817 British government suspended the right of habeas corpus and was the first time this right had been suspended v. Agitation continues until 1820 when George III dies 2. Britain in the 1820’s a. The king and queen i. George IV takes over the reign in 1820 ii. Descended from the house of Hanover iii. Came into the reign already unpopular with the people iv. George and his wife (and cousin) Caroline disliked each other and married for purely political reasons v. A bill to divorce his wife passed the House of Lords but was dropped after it was evident it would not pass through the House of Commons b. The beginning of change i. Wellington becomes prime minister in 1828 and secured an act that modified the Corn Law of 1815 and set up a sliding grade on tariffs ii. The test act stated that no puritan, roman catholic, or any other person not a member of the church of England could hold a position in government or military iii. In 1828 the test act is repealed and the next year a catholic emancipation act was created iv. This gave Catholics the right to vote and be elected to the House of Commons 3. Reform Underway a. Whigs take over the House of Commons for the first time in 50 years under the leadership of Earl Grey b. The reform bill of 1832 is pushed through the house of lords under the
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Political and Social Change in Great Britain and Ireland -...

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