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Congress of Vienna

Congress of Vienna - 1 Congress of Vienna a Attempted to...

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1. Congress of Vienna a. Attempted to deal with the many “isms” of the 19 th century, but only truly dealt with one issue: France b. Attempted to create stability and to them that meant the maintenance of church and throne c. Begins in Sept. 1814 following defeat of Napoleon in order to settle the affairs of Europe d. Attended by the four major powers (Prussia, Russia, Austria, and GB) e. Never met in full session, instead implemented committees to solve the issues 2. Four Powers and other representatives a. GB-Castlereigh b. Austria- Metternich (truly the most powerful man until 1848) c. Prussia- Hardenburg (staunch Prussian nationalist, works to extend borders) d. Russia- Tsar Alexander I e. France- new foreign minister named Talleyrand (formerly in Louis XVI’s court) 3. Goals and accomplishments a. Immediately after Napoleon the powers attempted to restore the Bourbon dynasty, which it does in 1814 b. May 1814- the first Treaty of Paris is signed i. Bourbons were formerly restored ii. France was relegated to its boundaries of 1792 (quite favorable) iii. Recognized as a legitimate nation 4. Poland a. Russia particularly wanted the part of Poland known as the Grand Duchy of Warsaw b. Russians also wanted Polish territory held by Prussia c. Alexander proposes an idea to recreate the kingdom of Poland i. The catch is that he wants to recreate the kingdom of Poland with himself as the constitutional monarch of Poland ii. The reality of this plan is that although there would be an independent Poland, it would obviously always be under the control of Russia d. Russia tells Prussia that in return for their Polish land, the Russians will allow the Prussians to annex Saxony e. Both Austria and GB were outraged and intensely disliked this idea and neither trusted the “Ussians” f. This quarrel was used by Talleyrand to unite with GB and Austria and this led to a compromise by P&R g. A Congress kingdom of Poland was established and the Tsar would be its constitutional king h. Prussia did have to cede its Polish claims but were compensated with 2/5 the kingdom of Saxony…the rest of Saxony remained independent 5. Napoleon Returns
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a. Sensing weakness, he escaped from Elba and landed in France in March of 1815 b. Louis XVIII quickly left France c. March 20- claimed the French Empire restored and began his “100 days” d.
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