Notes on extremism and moderation in the US

Notes on extremism and moderation in the US - • The...

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Notes on extremism and moderation in the US Ideology o A set of principles that individuals ascribe to, often with great conviction, that guides attitudes on specific policy issues o Two major ideologies are conservatism and liberalism Conservatism- the reluctance to disturb the existing order of relationships, the tradition of order and political stability, government is best that governs least, the place of the federal government should be highly circumscribed Liberalism- room for improvement, change is positive, less emphasis of tradition and stability, greater emphasis on equality of opportunity and result, emphasis on a strong central government as an agent of change because local and sate governments have proven to be a poor agent of change
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Unformatted text preview: • The politics of moderation o The American system is built on the constraint of ideology o The American political spectrum is truncated, radicals do not exist and are not tolerated o Most Americans are in the middle, either because they don’t think in ideological terms or because they see things in both ideals o Americans support our form of government, no one wants to change the government in a fundamental way • Diffuse support vs. specific support o Specific support is the support of incumbents and those currently in office, this rate can fluctuate o Diffuse support involves support of the basic principles on which this government rests i.e. the constitution and democratic system...
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