Winning the Nomination

Winning the Nomination - to participate in the...

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Winning the Nomination Viability and electability- ability to demonstrate you are both electable in the primary and the national election Nationalizing the campaign- take the campaign from one on one (Iowa and NH) to a situation where you cover the entire nation extremely quickly o Money- since you have to go everywhere, it costs a lot of money o Coordination- very difficult to organize locations and schedules for activities of candidates Appealing to the primary electorate- important that you appeal to the people likely
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Unformatted text preview: to participate in the caucus/primary o Appeal to traditional interest groups i.e. laborers, teachers, religious right • Play and win the expectations game- its hard to know who wins and loses early on, winners and losers are determined not by who gets the most but how they performed against expectations, also important to set expectation, usually set so they can meet or exceed them...
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