Napoleon III, The Crimean War, and Italian Unification

Napoleon III, The Crimean War, and Italian Unification -...

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Napoleon III, The Crimean War, and Italian Unification 1. The Rise of Louis Napoleon and the Creation of the Second French Empire a. Prince-President- i. Tries to cement support from all classes of society ii. Supports legislation invoking voluntary old age insurance iii. Enacted legislation to spur on industrial revolution iv. Sent French troops to Italy to successfully restore the pope v. Passed a law giving French clergy powerful influence over education in France vi. Expressed a strong devotion to the idea of universal male suffrage b. Emperor Napoleon III i. Elected to a ten year term in December 1851 and was given the power to rewrite the French Constitution and establish a new government in France, 7 million plus in favor and only 600 thousand opposed ii. Declares the creating of the second French Empire in December 1852 and declares himself emperor iii. Once emperor Napoleon issues tight control of the press and created a secret police iv. Marries a Spanish noble-woman named Eugenie and they have a son v. Attempted to modernize Paris through public works project including widening street and improving sanitation which led to the growth of Paris as a true culture and financial center in Europe vi. In 1865 he passed a law granting workers the right to strike 2. Crimean War and the Eastern Question a. Causes of the War i. Nicholas I of Russia hated Napoleon and treated him with little respect, when orthodox and catholic monks squabble in Jerusalem, France and Russia become involved in the religious battle ii. Russian Foreign Policy- Nicholas I demands the right from the Ottoman sultan to protect all Greek Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire and this protectorate would have given Russia a firm hold in the Ottoman Empire and an excuse to interfere in all Ottoman affairs iii. Ottomans say no, so Russia sends troops into Moldavia and Walachia which are two provinces of the Ottomans iv. In 1853 Russia and the Ottomans formally go to war and things look good for Russia in terms of victory, in March of 1854 France and Britain enter the war to stave off Russia and maintain the territorial integrity of the Empire v. In April of 1854 the Austrians sign a defensive alliance saying that if Russia attempts to annex Moldavia and Walachia Austria will try
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Napoleon III, The Crimean War, and Italian Unification -...

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