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America Votes (and Doesn’t Vote) Why people vote (and don’t vote) o Rational choice theory- minimize regret theory, rationally say they don’t want to feel badly o Alienation theory- we distinguish so much between voters and non-voters that those who are non-voters become alienated o Social psychological theory- our behavior is influenced by the behavior of people around us o Structural theory- there are ways in which we structure the voting process that prohibits people from participating i.e. registration Purging rolls- once you stop voting and are removed from the rolls, deadwood is taken off the record, it’s hard for many to get back on Who votes? o Monotonic relationship- every additional year of education contributes to the likelihood of voting (91% grad school educated vote) o Who you have contact with has a great impact on whether one votes or not i.e. marriage
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Unformatted text preview: o Curvilinear relationship- age, it starts low and raises until the end where it dips o Habits- once on the rolls no need to re-register • Turnout in the US o 26 th Amendment lowered the age required to vote which lowered the percentage of voters o Off-year elections range about 20% lower than presidential elections o Ballot roll-off o US turnout very low compared with most industrialized democracies, ranked 23 out of 24 o Compulsory voting exists in 5 countries- Belgium, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Spain o One of only two countries where the burden of registration is on the individual, France is the other o Ideas to increase voter turnout National holiday on voting day Move voting to a weekend Early voting Better absentee balloting Vote by mail Making it easier to register Elongating the period of voting...
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