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Committees in Congress “Congress at work is Congress in committee” 20 permanent committees in the house and one select committee and 86 sub- committees in those 21 committees 1-2 committee assignments per person Senate has 17 committees and 69 subcommittees, 3-4 committee assignments per senator Mary Bono on 1 committee and 4 sub-committees while Ted Kennedy is on 4 committees and 9 sub-committees Assignments made by leadership in parties and ratio of majority-minority is decided upon by the leadership of both parties Seniority is generally the means by which the leader of the committee is chosen 2 stages of career that decide a member’s committee desires, expansionist and protectionist Expansionist comes at the beginning of the career in order to grow their strength
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Unformatted text preview: in their district • Protectionist comes after being elected a number of times and wish to coast in terms of your responsibilities to home and really focus on legislative matters • 3 types of committees, reelection committees, ideological committees, and power committees o Reelection committees help members of Congress make a difference to their home state in order to make members look better o Ideological committees deal with divisive partisan issues and attract members who are hard-core o Power committees are harder to get on to and many must wait a number of terms before they are able to move onto a power committee. These committees deal with extremely powerful interests...
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