Liberty and Equality

Liberty and Equality - • Equal opportunity – public overwhelmingly supports • Everyone should have equal opportunities to get ahead •

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Liberty and Equality Political culture and Alexis de Tocqueville o Political culture- a set of widely shared beliefs, values, and norms concerning the relationship of citizens to their government and to one another in matters affecting public affairs o democracy in America- description of political culture in the 1830’s written by a foreigner interested in what made democracy work Libertarianism o Freedoms were written down in the Bill of Rights, enormous support for this concept o Principle-implementation gap- people accept the principle but when you ask them to apply that principle, it doesn’t work out as well o Unfettered liberty is impossible because people will inherently clash with other people’s liberty o The principles come up against other liberties, i.e. the distribution of pornography or a danger to society o Paradox of tolerance- tolerate another who preaches against our freedoms Egalitarianism
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Unformatted text preview: • Equal opportunity – public overwhelmingly supports • Everyone should have equal opportunities to get ahead • Children should have equal educational opportunities • Equality is not as important – but Americans don’t realize that at some point they all overlap American Political Culture • Cynicism toward politicians o Created a political system so individuals cannot get power o Necessary evil • Distaste for politics as usual o Do the wrong thing, it registers and do the right thing, we forget it o DEBATE ⇒ compromise People dislike because its not virtuous because they must ‘stick to their principles’ People also dislike when politicians fight over principles o People are opposed to revering people in power positions • Populism – a sense that politics and politicians should be attuned to the needs and sensibilities of ‘the people’...
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