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Interest Groups and Human Nature

Interest Groups and Human Nature - o Free rider problem...

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Interest Groups and Human Nature Return to Federalist 10 o The importance of groups in the political system and how it is natural to group with like people o Not necessarily that they will come together to influence government The free rider problem o A group is “a set of people with common characteristics, interests, or purposes” o An organization is comprised of some subset of a group that works to further the group’s goals o The problem arises when an individual in a group receives the benefits of the organization’s work, he will have no motivation to be involved in the organization (i.e. PBS pledge drives and gun control)
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Unformatted text preview: o Free rider problem more significant when dealing with public interest groups (i.e. environment, women’s rights) • Overcoming the free rider problem o Compel everyone who believes in the cause to join (i.e. closed shop unions) o Offer material benefits to get people to join (i.e. NRA members joining gun clubs and discounts on gun equipment) o Solidary benefits- benefits derived from meeting and interacting with people like yourself (i.e. Sierra Club dating service) o Purposive benefits- the benefit of getting a “warm, fuzzy” feeling for participating in achieving the group’s goal...
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