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The Unpopular PAC

The Unpopular PAC - o Hedge you bets and give to everybody...

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The Unpopular PAC The Political Action Committee o Original legislation limited the amount that individuals could donate to a campaign, and this encouraged PACs o Buckley v. Valeo overturned limit on how much an individual could spend on his own campaign o This is known as independent spending and is supposed to be independent of the candidate’s actions and there is no communication between the two o Bundling is when multiple people write checks and they are put together and handed to the candidate all at once Three different PAC strategies o Pick winners and make friends with winners…basically giving money to incumbents o Identify friends before them and propel them to office with funds
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Unformatted text preview: o Hedge you bets and give to everybody • Other ways to influence Congress o Offer members a chance to talk to a group of people and give a speaker’s fee or honoraria o Generate activity in the district encourage letters, phone calls, and create the impression that people are paying attention to a specific issue o Rate members of Congress on issues they (the PAC) care about o K Street- the street that houses many lobbyist groups, therefore the given name of the lobbying industry…17000 lobbyists in America in 2000 o Lobbying brings in about 20x more donations from companies than PACs...
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