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The President and Congress

The President and Congress - approx 75 of media goes to the...

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The President and Congress Presidential Influence o The president’s personal prestige, the power of the president lies in the power to persuade o Shared interests o Mandate and coattails- the president is the only nationally elected leader with the approval of all the people, claim mandate on margin of victory, coattail argument says presidential election has direct bearing on everybody else o The mandate only matters if members of Congress think they matter o “Going public”- president has a visibility that no other political actor has,
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Unformatted text preview: approx 75% of media goes to the president o Def of going public- That class of activities designed to place presidents and their messages before the American people in a way that enhances their chances of success in Washington o Office of Congressional Relations- a group of lobbyists whose job is to advance the president’s agenda on capitol hill o President needs a lobbyist and uses many goodies to persuade with i.e. invitations to the White House of Air Force 1...
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