Congress and the Pork Barrel

Congress and the Pork Barrel - phrased in general terms but...

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Congress and the Pork Barrel Service to the district o The work of members of the House and their staffs o Members Legislative work 65% Constituency service 28% Education/publicity 8% o Staff Legislative support 14% Constituency service 66% Education/publicity 10% Other 10% o Constituent services not tied in any way to ideology and is therefore extremely important Pork barrel politics o Various kinds of pork Pork- federal money that is distributed to various localities and states via grants and subsidies for various discrete projects A transportation or public works project Green pork- environmental projects (toxic dump cleanup) Military pork (VA hospitals) Research grants for labs and schools Educational grants for research programs and infrastructure o Earmarks- money appropriated by the federal government in a bill that is
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Unformatted text preview: phrased in general terms, but with specific conditions that limit the potential recipient o Logrolling- mutual aid among politicians who must vote on many items of economic importance in individual states and districts o Logrolling across the political spectrum ISTEA (Intermodel Surface Transportation Efficiency Act)- republicans ran against this originally, but in 1997 republicans renewed and added to the bill Distributive politics- all winners and no losers o Pork barrel problems Pork can distort policy and the purpose behind policy Discreet localized benefits but hidden dispersed costs People lose faith in the institution, but love their representatives...
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