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Watergate and its Lessons

Watergate and its Lessons - Watergate and its Lessons A...

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Watergate and its Lessons A chronology o 1972- Nixon up for reelection, engaged in intense politicking o Bugged telephones in order to learn of democratic strategies o Went in a second time because originally bugged the wrong phones, those who went in were G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt o Not much press originally but over time the conspiracy unraveled o Nixon paid off Liddy and Hunt to keep quiet on the issue o Nixon tells CIA to call off FBI’s investigation on issue of national security o This failed for two reasons, Hunt and Liddy were unreliable and two reporters became very involved in tracing the money given to Hunt and Liddy back to CREEP o Damage further done when it was revealed that the president had a secret taping device in his office o Those tapes could document what the president knew and when the president knew it o Nixon named a special prosecutor named Archibald Cox to get to the bottom of this and Cox subpoenaed the tapes o
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