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The Voter Rights Act and Southern Politics

The Voter Rights Act and Southern Politics - 9 Expand right...

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The Voter Rights Act and Southern Politics Denial of the vote in Jim Crow South o Poll tax o White primary o Literacy test o Grandfather clause o Intimidation “Greatest Accomplishments” 1944-1999 (reverse the numbers) 1. Financial security in retirement 2. Reduce federal budget deficit 3. Increase elderly access to healthcare 4. Strengthen national highway system 5. Ensure safe food and water 6. Reduce workplace discrimination 7. Reduce disease 8. Promote equal access to public accommodations
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Expand right to vote 10. Rebuild Europe after WWII • Disenfranchisement of African Americans o In 1940, only 3% of 5 million blacks in the south were able to vote o 1960: in 4 most heavily black Louisiana parishes, 0 blacks registered o Vehicles, see list above • Voting Rights Act o Covered jurisdictions o Examiners o Pre-clearance provision • VRA post-1965 o Added language minorities i.e. HIspanics...
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