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The General Election

The General Election - support you o GOTV get out the vote...

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The General Election Moving to the middle- spent the primary season attempting to appeal to those in the party but now moderating their opinions and speeches Media, paid and free o Wholesale politics make up the heart of the general election o Paid media are an important way to push the other candidate out of the middle o Negative information is very powerful, criticism is more credible than praise o Paid ads have believability problem because people know the source is biased Turning out your base- important that you are able to inspire those who already
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Unformatted text preview: support you o GOTV- get out the vote, get your supporters out there and make sure they vote o Grass-roots campaign- meant for your base and increasing the percentage of those who support you that vote • Debates- way for people to see candidates next to each other besides simple 30 second ads, o Those ahead are less willing to debate because debates generally hurt as opposed to help o Debates meant to inform voters on position • The electoral college- votes allocated to each state in terms of reps and senators...
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