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project 4 - Fletcher English 101 Project 4 Critical...

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Fletcher English 101 Project 4 Critical Analysis of Contemporary Issue Purpose and Audience This final project provides an opportunity to apply your critical reading and analysis skills to the exploration of a current issue of interest to the general public. Topics may be drawn from any of the academic domains we’ve explored—the sciences, social sciences, or the humanities—but you will not want to limit your research on the topic to any single domain. Most issues can be fruitfully examined from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Often, it’s only when we move outside the original research domain that we appreciate the real complexities or implications of an issue, as when we examine the social consequences (as opposed to the scientific possibilities) of biotechnology, for example, or the psychological impact (as opposed to the artistic elements) of urban graffiti. Your goal is to move beyond what you already know on the topic, and beyond public opinion or general impressions. You’ll investigate the academic research on your topic and draw your own conclusions, interpreting and building on what scholars have learned or proposed. Your goal is help readers understand your position as well as the academic research that has informed your position. Thus, this project is designed to help you (1) apply your critical reading
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project 4 - Fletcher English 101 Project 4 Critical...

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