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Honey Bees 2 - The workers get fed royal jelly for the...

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Bees are social insects Social insects Generation overlap Cooperation brood care – they care for the babies Division of labor Social bees social wasps Unitarian steamline Hairy not hairy – simply hair Plumose Defensive aggressive Ate pollen eat meat Wax to build paper Store food don’t store food Queen Worker Drone Female female male Doesn’t have a father Does have a grandfather Males in the insect world only have one x cromizone Holometabolous Egg Larva Pupa Adult In honey bees the egg stage lasts for 3 days 16 days to be a queen 21 days to be a worker 24 days to be a drone The larva are fed royal jelly The queen only gets fed royal jelly
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Unformatted text preview: The workers get fed royal jelly for the first few days the get honey and pollen Queen Multiple queens are produced when there is a new need for a queen. They then fight to the death Piping is when a queen sends out a noise when she is born to fight all other queens Quacking is when the queens are still in the wax things The queen gets pushed out of the hive into a congregation area By producing pheromones the drones mate with it She reaches back and breaks of the males penis She never fly’s again she produces 1500 eggs a day...
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