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Honey Bees September 7, 2006 Bees vision Bees have 5 eyes They have 3 ocelli eyes these kinda work as the bees alarm clock They help the bee when the decide its time to work Compound eyes the two large eyes on the top of the head Drones have the largest to see the queen while mating The compound eyes see brokenness and motion Bees only see what they are looking at Bees can see colors Bees see UV blue, blue/green and red Some plants have nectar guides which are little lines that can be see in UV light
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Unformatted text preview: Bees will not fly over still water Bees can’t swim well Honey dew honey is gross Drifting This is where a bee goes into the wrong hive To help keep from being stung clothes should be light and of a smooth finish Wear a veil because it protects your eyes they should be black to see through Touch The clean them selves so they can feel magnetic fields...
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