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Homework hints 3 - Chem 0110 Fall 2007 Homework Hints Week...

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Chem 0110 Fall 2007 H omework   H ints Week 2 for Week 3 This homework is due the week of September 10. It should be turned in at least one day before your recitation (or as agreed with your recitation teacher). Unless told otherwise, please leave your work in the appropriate mailbox just down the corridor from Room 107, Chevron. You are advised to keep a copy for yourself. Observation, Concepts, Logic focus: Please pay particular attention to your answers to Questions #18, 43, 60, 63, 64 and the EQuestions. Be sure to show complete work or your reasoning , especially as instructed below. Question 2.15 . See Figure 2.18, page 57 (p 61 in 7 th ed.). These are <M> topics! Find some examples of molecular and structural formulae on pages 1000 – 4 (p1047-50). These pages also show another type of formula – what is it? 2.16 . See pages 61-62 (p 64-5). 2.17 . Read pages 57 and 59 – 60 (p 60, 62-3) carefully and see Figures 2.18 and 2.21 to find the difference between ionic and molecular compounds. Give two examples of ionic compounds and two examples of molecular compounds – try to make your examples as different as possible. 2.18 . There are some ambiguities in the assignments, yet each picture is unique. {O, C, L} focus : Observations and Concepts: give your own unique description in words of each picture, using key concepts such as: atom, molecule, element, compound, ionic, mixture, solid, liquid, gas, diatomic, triatomic. For instance for Picture D, find 5 relevant concepts – give your reasoning. For Pictures E, H and I: Decide, on the basis of careful Observations, whether each depicts a solid or a liquid: give your reasoning. 2.26 . Also assign each compound as ionic or molecular - this should help you to answer the question. 2.38 (36). For help, try problem 2.37 (answers at back of book) or consult Section 2.3. Also make a list of all the important concepts mentioned in this question, i.e. concepts which you need to understand. 2.42 (40). See Problem 2.41 if you need help. 2.43
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Homework hints 3 - Chem 0110 Fall 2007 Homework Hints Week...

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