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11/02/07 Cues in the visual cliff experiment: -Texture (pattern density) -Motion Parallax 2. Localization of objects -Is spatial perception innate and/or can it be modified by experience? -spatial perception is hardwired and cannot be modified -Pfister’s chick and hen study The evidence for empiricism: 1 Localization of objects -can humans learn to adjust to distortions of the visual world? -Living in a reversed world -an example of human adaptation to distortion 2. Sensory Deprivation Experimental Condition
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Unformatted text preview: Time Until Pursuit Movement Dark-Reared 7 months 30 Ganzfield 1.5 hours 13 Light-Reared 1.5 hours Molyneux revisited: Cataract Surgery for the blind-Successful patients have already seen diffused light before surgery- support for nativism-world is perceived with correct orientation-figure ground perception-depth perception /support for empiricism-form perception takes practice Factors influencing perception Exposure Rate Information Quick None Slow Complete Change Blindness...
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