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note cards 4 ala102

note cards 4 ala102 - done Who were the architects...

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done Who were the architects associated with the Arizona school? .Judith Chafee, Rick Joy, Will Bruder, Wendel Burnette What are the distances that Edward Hall developed? .Intimate – close 0 -6’’ far 6 – 18’’ (furniture) Personal – close 18 – 30’’ far 2’6’’ – 4’ Social – close 4 – 7’ far 7 – 12’ Public – close 12 -25’ far 25’+ (stadia) What is Critical Regionalism…and who wrote about it? An attempt to synthesize the rooted aspects of a region, including physical and cultural characteristics, with appropriate current technology. It is the search for an architecture that is meaningful within its context and at the same time participates in the more universal aspects of a contemporary mobile society. The term CR was coined by arch theorists Alexander Tzonis and Lilane Lefaivre and elaborated by arch Kenneth Frampton whose “critical local culture of arch” resists “being totally abosorbed by the global imperatives of production and consumption” How is Islamic garden design different from Chinese garden design? .Islamic design is rectilinear What are regulating lines….and who thought that they discovered them? .an inevitable element of arch. The necessity of order. The regulating line is a guarantee against willfulness. It brings satisfaction to the understanding. Used in paintings “A means to an end not a recipe.” - LeCorbusier Who said? “A great epoch has begun. There exists a new spirit. There exists a mass of work conceived in the new spirit; it is to be met with particularly in industrial production. Architecture is stifled by custom.” .Charles-Edouard Jeanneret LeCorbusier Where did the mile-square grid that shapes the structure of Phoenix originate? ?.Jeffersonian grid, mile block pattern What was special about Herman Hertzberger’s Central Beheer office building in Appeldoorn? .It is a building of multiple territories Who said this? ” The modern architect must analyze the masterpieces of the past: then he must learn to make his own synthesis……. . .Viollet Le Duc Finish Lance LaVine quote: “Human beings share with other animals…………. .They need to mark territory that they are able to control. Within these limits, organisms dictate acceptable rules of behavior. Outside of these limits different rules of behavior may prevail. We call the area within these limits a DOMAin. Architect’s firsts social task is to create these limits for individuals, families and larger organizations of people.” What was important about Giambatista Nolli’ maps of Rome; circa 18 th century? .An Italian architect and surveyor.Map of Rome 1748 -establishes an idea about city and what is important Figural public space What is Peter Eisenman’s famous quote about architectures role(s)?
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.In any time architecture has 2 roles:it either reflects society or in a sense is a precursor.” Who made this critique? “It is not the rationalization itself that was wrong in the first and now past period of Modern architecture. The wrongness lies in the fact that the
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note cards 4 ala102 - done Who were the architects...

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