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STUDY GUIDE—EXAM 2 This is to be used only as a guide. Be sure to read chapters 5 and 7 and study the lecture notes. Know and understand the definition of the following terms. Social group Category Crowd Primary groups Secondary groups Three different leadership styles (democratic, authoritarian, laissez-faire) Expressive leadership Instrumental leadership Asch experiment Stanley Milgram experiment Bureaucracy Bureaucratic inertia Ingroup/outgroup
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Unformatted text preview: Bureaucratic ritualism 4 organizational principles of the McDonaldization of society Major problems of a bureaucracy Deviance Crime Mertons strain theory (conformists, innovator, ritualist, retreatist, rebellion) Labeling theory (primacy and secondary deviance) Stigma Medicalization of deviance Differential association Social control theory FBI index crimes Anomie White-collar crime Identity work...
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