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SOC 101 February 19, 2008 Self Concept — who you are ` 3 Components of Self Concept: 1. actual self —as we are 2. ideal self —what we would like to be 3. ought self —what we ought to be like Salience —identities one thinks are most important Situated Self —self people view you as in a particular situation Master Status —important for social identity; shapes ones life First thing people notice or think about when they see you Role —expected behavior based on one’s status Role Conflict —conflict between roles responding to 2 or more statuses Role Strength —tension between roles connected to a single status Example: manager who has to get things done but want to be friendly Social Interaction Social Exchange Theory—looking to maximize rewards and minimize costs
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Unformatted text preview: o No such thing as doing something w/out expecting something in return o We are all selfish o 6 Propositions: 1. People are going to engage it activities that are rewarding 2. We are going to repeat rewarding behaviors 3. a) Rewards are high in value when you are deprived of them b) Rewards are low in value when done repeatedly 4. Fail to get expected reward = unhappy 5. Get unexpected rewards = happy 6. Balance cost and rewards o Concept of Powerability to influence others In every relationship, one person holds the power The person that needs the other the least holds the power...
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