Racism and Prejudice

Racism and Prejudice - • The more education one has the...

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SOCIOLOGY 101 April 15, 2008 Racism/Prejudice Next Test April 24 “Bell Curve” - book written by two MDs Found that there was a direct correlation between IQ and social status Concluded that on average, blacks and Hispanics are poor because they have a lower IQ Reasons why that trend is apparent? o Environment factors? o IQ test questions tend to be culturally biased Indirect relationship between education level and measured prejudice
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Unformatted text preview: • The more education one has the less prejudice one displays (or vise versa) • Educated individuals are smart enough not to display it, however might still feel prejudice (education is not causation of less prejudice) Racism— the belief that one group is naturally inferior to another...
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