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Identity and Groups

Identity and Groups - —people with common statuses • Ex...

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Identity February 26, 2008 Identity Work 1. personal identity standard —how you see yourself perform according to identity you are at a specific time/situation 2. input —feedback from role performance 3. reflexivity —comparing/contrasting comparing feedback (social identity: how others see you) comparing personal identity standards (personal identity: how you perceive yourself) comparing how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you 4. output— motivation when discrepancy, you engage in strategies: maintain personal i.d change personal i.d Groups and Organizations Social group —2 or more people with shared experiences and can identify with one another Category
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Unformatted text preview: —people with common statuses • Ex: Bengal fans, women, Catholics, etc. • Crowd —groups with little interaction • Ex: people waiting in line • In some cases, a crowd can become a social group • A tragedy can turn a crowd into a social group Culture has become “McDonald-ized” 1. Efficiency —things need to be done quickly a. Wal-Mart, cell phones, slim fast, microwave 2. Calculability —everything is highly calculated a. Weight of food, planners, commercials on T.V at the same time 3. Uniformity & Predictability —people shy away from change/ the unknown 4. Control through automation a. Self-checkouts, computer shopping...
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