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History of Informatics.edited - History of Informatics...

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History of Informatics HCI/500 December 12, 2016 Dean Athanassiades
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History of Informatics Information retrieval, in the last fifty years, changed. There is no longer need to visit the library to gather information. The way patient information and data is stored, retrieved, preserved and processed has changed. Informatics is data to information process (Hebda &Czar, 2009). Information is gathered and stored in various areas of care and research with different users such as nurses, dentists, and physicians. Information that is stored for access includes patient diagnosis, treatment, medication, imaging, billing, and demographics. There are several milestones of importance in the creation and evolution of health informatics. Before the development of health, informatics was the creation of electronic computer. Without a computer, health informatics would not have a start. The first computer was created in 1946 and was used for dental records by Robert Ledley in 1950 (Colleen, 1994). This creation was the beginning of computers used for many other medical data. The computer allowed data to be stored and retrieved, but with the addition of additional software, functions were available. The software was an important milestone in health informatics. With the software installed
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