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All together review sheet OB - Final Exam Review Sheet...

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Final Exam Review Sheet Instructions : Listed below are 7 potential essay questions. Two of these questions will appear on the exam and you may choose to answer one. You are not responsible for articles that do not appear on this study sheet. Please note that your TA does not know which questions will appear on the exam. Essay Question #1 Many people who research diversity in organizations refer to it as a “double-edged sword” because it can potentially have both positive and negative effects on a variety of performance outcomes. Please explain why diversity is a “double-edged” sword by describing both the advantages and disadvantages of having a diverse organization. Your answer should include 2 advantages associated with diversity and 3 disadvantages associated with diversity. For each advantage and disadvantage you list, please also explain why diversity has this effect. For instance, it is not enough to say that diversity causes social divisions without explaining why . Drawn from: Mannix, E.A. & Neale, M.A. (2005). What differences make a difference? The promise and reality of diverse teams in organizations. Psychological Science in the Public Interest , vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 31-55. As the United States moves into a more globalize economy, it is important to understand the impact diversity has on our workforce. Understanding diversity means understanding the needs and wants of employees on a level individual to a person’s wants. Those companies concerned with diversity no doubt retain more employees that are seen as different or require reasonable accommodations than companies who do not care. In addition, a better-informed and educated diversity program will truly discourage sexual harassment in the workplace making the work community more cohesive. Better awareness will allow for less sexual harassment cases that can deeply debilitate a work environment. Though diversity does a lot to enhance the work environment, it may hinder many practices in a business both internally and externally. Diversity training costs money. Though the education is priceless, many businesses may not have a training program setup, can’t take time out of a workday or must finding an educational consulting firm that may cost upwards of thousands of dollars an employee! Also, we recognize that diversity management may be good business but is it good for employee business? Celebrating differences and diversity management programs may mean typecasting and singling out individuals; both distract from team buildings. Focusing primarily on differences may make the ease of transition into a company culture a lot more difficult had all employees been treated the same. Finally, the question of affirmative action and its place in the business world. Women and minorities have made tremendous gains within the past 20 years and the wage gap is slowly slimming. There still exists a small number of Americans and those in government who believe affirmative action provides unfair
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All together review sheet OB - Final Exam Review Sheet...

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