11.19 - -famous person routine-audience assumes hypnotist...

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11/19/07 Final 100 questions -entire textbook -supplements since Nov. 5 Skinner and Behaviorism -operant conditioning (skinner boxes) -OC Paradigm -CS (learn piano) CR (Practice) (reinforcement) More practicing -“behavior is shaped by its consequences” R-R Theory -Girl (CS) Looked at (CR) smile (reinforcement) -superstitious conditioning -reward by the clock, and not for a specific response -“the dancing rat” -pre-game rituals -gambling with slot machines -variable Hypnosis -stage hypnosis -is hypnosis necessary? -the power image -make the audience feel like the hypnosis is powerful or magical -the volunteers -already cooperated and extroverted -the susceptibility test -weed out the people who are not susceptible/willing -the trance induction -“are you getting sleepy?” defines situation as requiring hypnosis -the “unwilling” subject -stage acts -the human plank - -pain avoidance (open flame) -the failure to challenge -“you cannot” rather than “try to”
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Unformatted text preview: -famous person routine-audience assumes hypnotist is controlling behavior and S is helpless-all it takes is suggestion and belief-history of hypnosis-Anton Mesmer (1776)-“Influence of the planets in the cure of disease”-magnetism-drink iron, hold on to rods around a bacque (iron tub)-try to attract iron filings into bodies-“mesmerize” people into curing diseases-magnetize people-scientific board headed by Benjamin Franklin analyzes mesmerization -to the people: it is imagination, mesmerism is banned-to the king: convulsions are probably orgasms -James Braid (1840)-sleep-like trance-heightened suggestibility, power is in the subject-uses the watch technique-James Esdaile (1885)-300 operations using hypnosis-Sigmund Freud (1885(-used in uncovering the unconscious-ultimately rejects due to dependency and susceptibiility-Dr. Ernest Hilgard (Stanford, 1980)-Divided consciousness...
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11.19 - -famous person routine-audience assumes hypnotist...

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