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11/26/07 Hypnosis: A state of believed in imagination where distortions of perception and memory are possible for some subjects Post-Hypnotic suggestion Characteristics of Hypnosis 1. subject is highly motivated to cooperate (smoking clinics) 2. Subsidence of one’s own planning 3. selective attention-tunnel vision 4. tolerate inconsistencies Uses of hypnosis -self-hypnosis: -images in sports for relaxation and confidence -learning
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Unformatted text preview: -acquisition of rout materials-aids concentration by reducing distractions-source amnesia-knowing things without remembering the source Anti-social acts under hypnosis-no criminal or immoral activity under normal hypnotic conditions-redefining the situation-people do atisocials acts without hypnosis Hypnosis in medicine and therapy-depression-obesity and smoking-childbirth, migraines, and other pain reduction...
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