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10/29/07 Illusions The Ames Window Illusion -Past experience and assumptions about the built environment and lead our perception astray The Generic View Principle (On Website) Cross-Modal Influences (On Website) The Relationship between perceived sized and apparent distance -go into a darkened room, 2 illuminated spheres -the information for a small object close and a big object far is identical without the ability to perceive light -Emmert’s Law -the perceived size of an afterimage is directly related to the apparent distance -the retinal image cast by the visual image never changes
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Unformatted text preview: -different differences on different distance backgrounds-Opponent Process Theory-there are red, blue, and green sensitive cones Looking At Fatigues Leaves Blue/Green Blie Green Red Black Nothing White Yellow RedGreen Blue-The Waterfall Illusion-given two objects the exact same size, the one perceived as further away will be perceived as bigger-bisecting the half-arc angle-the distance to the horizon is perceived further away than the distance tio the zenith-reason for appearance different sized moons...
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